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Max Mix Collection

Title: Max Mix Collection Artist: Various

Hot, Cool And Vicious

Title: Hot, Cool And Vicious Artist: Salt 'N' Pepa

Long Train Runnin'

Title: Long Train Runnin' Artist: The Doobie Brothers

That's Eurobeat Vol. 11

Title: That's Eurobeat Vol. 11 Artist: Various


Title: Sabrina Artist: Sabrina

Doobie's Remixes

Title: Doobie's Remixes Artist: The Doobie Brothers

Disco Party! Presents Disco Summer!

Title:Disco Party! Presents Disco Summer! Artist:Various

Move On Baby

Title: Move On Baby Artist: Cappella

Long Train Runnin' (Locomotive Remixes '93)

Title: Long Train Runnin' (Locomotive Remixes '93) Artist: The Doobie Brothers

Love And Passion

Title: Love And Passion Artist: Gipsy & Queen

Stock Aitken Waterman Gold

Title: Stock Aitken Waterman Gold Artist: Various

The Other Ones 「ホリデイ」

Title: The Other Ones 「ホリデイ」 Artist: The Other Ones

Try My Love

Title: Try My Love Artist: Shinehead

Super Club Groovin Vol. 11

Title: Super Club Groovin Vol. 11 Artist: Various

I Feel For You

Title: I Feel For You Artist: Chaka Khan

I Like It

Title: I Like It Artist: Jomanda

Best Disco Vol. 8

Title:Best Disco Vol. 8 Artist:Various

All This Love

Title: All This Love Artist: DeBarge

James Bond Theme (Moby's Re-Version)

Title: James Bond Theme (Moby's Re-Version) Artist: Moby

The Official Bootleg Mega-Mix

Title: The Official Bootleg Mega-Mix Artist: The S.O.S. Band

Dance Classics Best Of Vol. 1

Title:Dance Classics Best Of Vol. 1 Artist:Various

Let's Groove With The Tonys!

Title: Let's Groove With The Tonys! Artist: Tony! Toni! Tone!

Super Mario Land

Title: Super Mario Land Artist: Ambassadors Of Funk Featuring M.C. Mario

70's & 80's Dance 2 Blue

Title:70's & 80's Dance 2 Blue Artist:Various

Greatest Remix Hits 4

Title: Greatest Remix Hits 4 Artist: Kylie Minogue

Escapade (The Remixes)

Title: Escapade (The Remixes) Artist: Janet Jackson

Super Eurobeat Vol. 7

Title: Super Eurobeat Vol. 7 Artist: Various

Jumpin' Off

Title: Jumpin' Off Artist: Mark Anthony

Hotel California

Title: Hotel California Artist: Jam On The Mutha

Thunderbirds Are Go!

Title: Thunderbirds Are Go! Artist: F.A.B.