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Check This Out

Title: Check This Out Artist: L.A. Mix

True To Life

Title: True To Life Artist: Lisette Melendez

Keep Love Together

Title: Keep Love Together Artist: Love To Infinity

Spanish Fly

Title: Spanish Fly Artist: Lisa Lisa And Cult Jam

Never Too Much

Title: Never Too Much Artist: Luther Vandross

Around The Way Girl

Title: Around The Way Girl Artist: L.L. Cool J

Classic Paradise

Title: Classic Paradise Artist: Love To Infinity

Don't Be A Fool

Title: Don't Be A Fool Artist: Loose Ends

All Around The World

Title: All Around The World Artist: Lisa Stansfield

The Twelve Commandments Of Dance

Title: The Twelve Commandments Of Dance Artist: London Boys

Try Me - Lolita's 1st

Title: Try Me - Lolita's 1st Artist: Lolita

The Greatest Hits

Title: The Greatest Hits Artist: Lime

Love Magic

Title: Love Magic Artist: L.T.D.

Jump To The Music

Title: Jump To The Music Artist: Lilac

Sugar Baby Love (High Enegy Remix)

Title: Sugar Baby Love (High Enegy Remix) Artist: Les Blue Belles

Let The Beat Hit 'Em

Title: Let The Beat Hit 'Em Artist: Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam

So Real

Title: So Real Artist: Love Decade

Journey With The Lonely

Title: Journey With The Lonely Artist: Lil' Louis & The World

Hey D.J.

Title: Hey D.J. Artist: Lighter Shade Of Brown


Title: Change Artist: Lisa Stansfield

Thinking Of You

Title: Thinking Of You Artist: Lisa Maxwell


Title: Celebrate Artist: Look Twice


Title: Nightbirds Artist: Labelle

The Leif Garrett Collection

Title: The Leif Garrett Collection Artist: Leif Garrett

Love Sensation +6

Title: Love Sensation +6 Artist: Loleatta Holloway

Love City Groove

Title: Love City Groove Artist: Love City Groove

Try Me

Title: Try Me Artist: Lolita

What Kind Of Cure 「恋のメディスン」

Title: What Kind Of Cure 「恋のメディスン」 Artist: Lou Grant

This Is The Right Time

Title: This Is The Right Time Artist: Lisa Stansfield

Get Out Of My Life 「ハートは戻らない」

Title: Get Out Of My Life 「ハートは戻らない」 Artist: Lady Lily