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Velfarre Complete Best 1994-2006 - Disc 05 Disco House Floor


Title:Velfarre Complete Best 1994-2006 - Disc 05 Disco House Floor

CD|Avex Trax|AVCD-23124|2006.11.29


01.Keep Love Together/Love To Infinity[3:46]
02.Got To Be Real '95/Cheryl Lynn[2:43]★
03.Sure Shot/Daytona[4:23]
04.I Still Believe/GTS Feat. Melodie Sexton[4:19]
05.Rich In Paradise/F.P.I. Project[3:23]
06.America (I Love America)/Full Intention[3:49]
07.Through The Fire/GTS Feat. Melodie Sexton[3:13]
08.Uptown Downtown/Full Intention[3:19]
09.I Luv U Baby/The Original[3:39]
10.I Want Your Lovin'/John Robinson[3:08]
11.Brand New World/GTS Feat. Melodie Sexton[4:14]
12.Bahia (Todos Cantares)/TH Express[3:49]
13.U Sure Do/Strike[3:00]
14.Get Up (September)/Foundation Feat. Deskee[3:42]
15.Let The Music Play/Love To Infinity[3:36]
16.It's Time To Party Now/Star System[2:25]
17.Make It On My Own (KCP Remix)/Mylin[3:55]
18.Someday/Love To Infinity[4:08]
19.The Greatest Love Of All/GTS Feat. Melodie Sexton[4:55]
20.Sueno Latino/Sueno Latino[3:13]



Got to Be Real '95

Got to Be Real '95

  • シャリル・リン
  • R&B/ソウル
  • ¥204
  • provided courtesy of iTunes