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アーティスト:Bobby "O"

アーティスト:Bobby "O"


The Best Of Bobby "O"

The Best Of Bobby "O"



Whisper To A Scream[9:09]>The Best Of "O" Records Vol. 1

She Has a Way[6:00]>The Best Of "O" Records Vol. 2

Suspicious Minds (Original 12" Mix)[6:29]>Disco Discharge. Cruising The Beats

She Has A Way[5:51]>I Love Disco Volumen 3

Whisper To A Scream[4:22]>That's Eurobeat -The Complete Works-

Whisper To A Scream (Extended Version)[9:02]>That's Eurobeat Vol. 1

Whisper To A Scream[4:14]>That's Eurobeat Vol. 20


Non-Stop Mix

Whisper To A Scream[1:43]>Disco 80's Presents Around 40

She Has A Way[1:52]>Disco 80's Presents Maharaja Night

Whisper To A Scream[3:41]>Disco 80's Volume 2

Whisper To A Scream[5:14]>Hi-NRG '80s

Whisper To A Scream[3:49]>Hi-NRG '80s Golden Hits Collection

Whisper To A Scream[4:26]>Hi-NRG '80s ~Non-Stop Mix~ Ginza M-Carlo Edition

Whisper To A Scream[3:06]>Hi-NRG '80s Special Best

Whisper To A Scream[3:23]>That's Eurobeat 7th Anniversary Fatal Remix Battle In Tokyo

Whisper To A Scream (Extended Version)[7:25]>That's Eurobeat Non-Stop Mix

Whisper To A Scream[1:17]>That's Eurobeat The Non-Stop History

Whisper To A Scream[4:07]>That's Eurobeat - Non-Stop Mix 1985~1988



Whisper To A Scream[4:21]>That's Eurobeat Almanac 1986-1991「ザッツ・ユーロビート年鑑」