disco x disco





Is For You (Super Mix)[6:34]>Best Disco Vol. 7

Is For You (Super Mix)[6:35]>Dance! Euro Selection

I Don't Wanna Get Hurt[4:39]>Euro Classics Vol. 1

Close To You[5:43]>Euro Classics Vol. 2

Is For You[6:12]>Super Eurobeat Vol. 2

I Don't Wanna Get Hurt (Pam's Version)[4:40]>That's Eurobeat Vol. 25

Close To You (The Mix)[5:43]>That's Eurobeat Vol. 28

Close To You (Playback)[3:31]>That's Eurobeat Vol. 30

Saturday Night (Boeno Mix)[6:08]>That's Eurobeat Vol. 31

Hoky Toky (Sayonara Mix)[7:04]>That's Eurobeat Vol. 36


Non-Stop Mix

Is For You[3:08]>Dance Paradise Presents Maharaja Style

Is For You[2:04]>Disco 80's Special ~The 常連~

Is For You[7:53]>Non-Stop Best Disco Vol. 4

Is For You[1:04]>Super Eurobeat Vol. 3

Is For You[2:37]>Super Eurobeat Vol. 4

Is For You[4:29]>Super Eurobeat Vol. 4

Close To You[2:26]>That's Eurobeat Non-Stop Mix Vol. 10

Is For You[5:29]>Tokyo Dance Scene [Shinjuku]

Is For You[4:20]>Tokyo Dance Scene [Ginza-Akasaka-Roppongi]



Is For YouSuper Eurobeat Vol. 7 - Mega Mix Edition (Part 2)