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Definitive Collection

Title:Definitive Collection
Artist:Bangles Featuring Susanna Hoffs

CD×2|Columbia|480544 9|1995|Import


[CD 1]

01.Walk Like An Egyptian[3:25]
02.Walking Down Your Street[3:17]
03.Manic Monday[3:05]
04.Eternal Flame[3:58]
05.My Side Of The Bed/Susanna Hoffs[3:28]
06.If She Knew What She Wants[3:50]
07.Be With You[3:02]
09.In A Different Light[2:52]
10.Unconditional Love/Susanna Hoffs[3:50]
11. Hazy Shade Of Winter[2:47]
12.In Your Room[3:29]
13.I'll Set You Free[4:51]
14.No Kind Of Love/Susanna Hoffs[3:06]
15.Everything I Wanted[3:37]
16.Going Down To Liverpool[3:43]
17.Some Dreams Come True[3:28]
18.Wishing On Telstar/Susanna Hoffs[4:12]
19.Waiting For You[3:39]
20.Hero Takes A Fall[2:55]
21.All About You[2:26]


[CD 2]

Extra CD
01.Walk Like An Egyptian (Extended Dance Mix)[5:52]
02.In Your Room (Extended Remix)[5:16]
03.Hazy Shade Of Winter (Purple Haze Mix)[5:04]★
04.Walking Down Your Street (Extended Remix)[5:20]
05.Manic Monday (Extended Version)[4:39]



Hazy Shade of Winter

Hazy Shade of Winter

  • バングルス
  • ポップ
  • ¥255
  • provided courtesy of iTunes



Definative Collection

Definative Collection

  • アーティスト:Bangles
  • Sbme Import