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2nd Time Around

Title: 2nd Time Around Artist: The Spinners

Rock Me Babe 「ロック・ミー・ベイビー」

Title: Rock Me Babe 「ロック・ミー・ベイビー」 Artist: Santa Claus & D.Jingle Bells

The Megamix Album

Title: The Megamix Album Artist: Samantha Fox

Can't Live Without Your Love

Title: Can't Live Without Your Love Artist: Suzy-Q

We'll Be Together

Title: We'll Be Together Artist: Sting

Dedicated To The Moon

Title: Dedicated To The Moon Artist: Spagna

Inner Child

Title: Inner Child Artist: Shanice

You'll Never Stop Me Loving You

Title: You'll Never Stop Me Loving You Artist: Sonia

Cross My Broken Heart

Title: Cross My Broken Heart Artist: Sinitta

S.O.S. +6

Title: S.O.S. +6 Artist: The S.O.S. Band


Title: Summerlove Artist: S-Connection Featuring Anabelle

Vol. II - 1990 A New Decade

Title: Vol. II - 1990 A New Decade Artist: Soul II Soul

Shine On

Title: Shine On Artist: Souled Out

Souled - The Magic Of The Language Of Music In Effect 「ソールド・アウト」

Title: Souled - The Magic Of The Language Of Music In Effect 「ソールド・アウト」 Artist: Sold Out!

Theme From S-Express

Title: Theme From S-Express Artist: S-Express

You Are My Desire

Title: You Are My Desire Artist: Shy Rose

Sidewalk University

Title: Sidewalk University Artist: Shinehead

I'm Alive

Title: I'm Alive Artist: Stretch & Vern Present "Maddog"


Title: Inferno Artist: Souvlaki


Title: K-Jee Artist: Shellshock


Title: Sybil Artist: Sybil

Spring Rain / Jingo

Title: Spring Rain / Jingo Artist: Silvetti / Candido

"Sam" Thing Remixed

Title: "Sam" Thing Remixed Artist: Samantha Fox [4988024105092] CD / Jive [Alfa International] / 28XB-233 / 1988 R.02.25 1. Nothing's Gonna Stop Me Now (Club Mix) [6:59] 2. I Surrender (To The Spirit Of The Night) (Extended Version) [6:35]…


Title: Same Artist: Sophie

Sexy Girl

Title: Sexy Girl Artist: Snow

Nothing Compares 2 U 「愛の哀しみ」

Title: Nothing Compares 2 U 「愛の哀しみ」 Artist: Sinead O'Connor


Title: Bass! Artist: Simon Harris [042282815323] CD / FFRR / 828 153.2 / 1989 / Import 01. Intro [0:41] 02. Bass (How Low Can You Go?) (Bomb The House Mix) [4:47] 03. From The Vaults Of Good Times [0:21] 04. Sexy Lady [5:32] 05. The Offici…

Club Classics Vol. One

Title: Club Classics Vol. One Artist: Soul II Soul [4988037006973] CD / Virgin / VJD-32239 / 1989.09.21 01. Keep On Movin' [6:02] 02. Fairplay [3:58] 03. Holdin' On (Bambelela) [3:52] 04. Feeling Free (Live Rap) [4:16] 05. African Dance [6…

Anything + Remixes

Title: Anything + Remixes Artist: SWV [4988017049594] CD / RCA / BVCP-9206 / 1994.07.21 1. Anything (Old School Radio Version) [4:59] 2. Right Here (Human Nature Duet) (Demolition 12" Mix) [5:01] 3. I'm So Into You (Radio Remix / With Rap)…

La La (Means I Love You)

Title: La La (Means I Love You) Artist: Swing Out Sister