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Disco Fever 2

Title:Disco Fever 2 Artist:Various

Hold Me In Your Arms

Title:Hold Me In Your Arms Artist:Rick Astley

Sucker DJ (A Witch For Love)

Title:Sucker DJ (A Witch For Love) Artist:Dimples D

That's Eurobeat EX Non Stop Mix Vol. 3

Title:That's Eurobeat EX Non Stop Mix Vol. 3 Artist:Various

Italo Eurobeat Collection Vol. 1

Title:Italo Eurobeat Collection Vol. 1 Artist:Various

Definitive Collection

Title:Definitive Collection Artist:Bangles Featuring Susanna Hoffs

Only Time (Remix & Original Version)

Title:Only Time (Remix & Original Version) Artist:Enya

Super Eurobeat Vol. 98

Title:Super Eurobeat Vol. 98 Artist:Various

Even Now「愛と微笑の世界」

Title:Even Now「愛と微笑の世界」 Artist:Barry Manilow


Title:Anasthasia Artist:T99

No. 1 R&B Hits Volume 1

Title:No. 1 R&B Hits Volume 1Artist:Various

5000 Volts

Title:5000 Volts Artist:5000 Volts

Only Time

Title:Only TimeArtist:Enya

Another Day In Paradise (Dance Version - Remix)

Title:Another Day In Paradise (Dance Version - Remix)Artist:Jam Tronik

The Eternal Dance

Title:The Eternal Dance Artist:Earth,Wind & Fire

J-Cover 80's Dance & Ballad

Title:J-Cover 80's Dance & BalladArtist:Various

The Twelve Commandments Of Dance「ロンドン・ナイツ」

Title:The Twelve Commandments Of Dance「ロンドン・ナイツ」 Artist:London Boys


Title:TennesseeArtist:Arrested Development

2 Legit 2 Quit

Title:2 Legit 2 QuitArtist:Hammer

House Revolution Vol. 32

Title:House Revolution Vol. 32 Artist:Various

The Twelve Commandments Of Dance「踊れ!ロンドン・ボーイズ」

Title:The Twelve Commandments Of Dance「踊れ!ロンドン・ボーイズ」 Artist:London Boys


Title:TennesseeArtist:Arrested Development

Are You Gonna Go My Way「自由への疾走」

Title:Are You Gonna Go My Way「自由への疾走」Artist:Lenny Kravitz

Self Control (2 Disc Expanded Edition)

Title:Self Control (2 Disc Expanded Edition) Artist:Laura Branigan

Try Me

Title:Try MeArtist:Suzi Kim

Relight My FIre

Title:Relight My FIre Artist:New York Rappers Featuring Elaine Laye

Eurobeat Best Hits「決定版 ユーロビート」

Title:Eurobeat Best Hits「決定版 ユーロビート」Artist:Various

R U Still Down? (Remember Me)

Title:R U Still Down? (Remember Me)Artist:2Pac

Born To Be Alive

Title:Born To Be AliveArtist:Patrick Hernandez

Relight My Fire

Title:Relight My Fire Artist:Mark Farina Featuring Betty Boo