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House Revolution Vol. 33

Title:House Revolution Vol. 33

CD|Avex Trax|AVCD-40033|1995.03.24


01.Don't Bring On The Night (Single Rap Version)/Ruback[3:42]
02.I Wanna Dance (Radio Mix)/Zowie[3:46]
03.Set Me Free (Doc Edit Mix)/Mali[3:50]
04.Don't U Want Me (Limit Phase Edit)/Doc Franz Featuring Yara[3:53]
05.Bandido (F.M. Version)/DJ Zorro[3:06]★
06.Gonna Let You Go (Radio Edit)/Dee Elements[3:26]
07.Yeh-Yoh (Radio Mix)/Ava & Stone[4:02]
08.Rave Planet (Euro Edit)/BabaYaga[4:37]
09.Stop The Beat (Ex Edit)/Rave Force[3:51]
10.Freedom (FM Version)/Savateman[2:36]
11.Gimme More Time (EX Edit)/Plus Staples[3:43]
12.Model With Me (Mars Plastic Edit)/Mars Plastic[4:29]
13.Age 99 (FM Version)/Age 99[3:41]
14.I Feel Your Love (Radio Mix)/The Flaps[3:48]
15.Total Eclipse Of The Heart (Energize Edit)/Nicki French[3:51]
16.I've Got The Power (Single Version)/New Entry[3:51]
17.Why Don't You Want My Love (Radio Version)/X-Kameron[3:57]
18.Express Your Freedom (KM 1972 Edit)/Anticappella[3:59]



Bandido (Extended mix)

Bandido (Extended mix)

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Bandido/DJ Zorro収録!