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Music From Do The Right Thing

Title:Music From Do The Right Thing

CD|Motown|440 014 618-2|2001|Import


01.Fight The Power/Public Enemy[5:23]
02.My Fantasy/Teddy Riley Featuring Guy[4:58]
03.Party Hearty/E.U.[4:43]
04.Can't Stand It/Steel Pulse[5:06]
05.Why Don't We Try/Keith John[3:35]
06.Feel So Good/Perri[5:40]
07.Don't Shoot Me/Take 6[4:08]
08.Hard To Say/Lori Perry And Gerald Alston[3:21]
09.Prove To Me/Perri[5:25]
10.Never Explain Love/Al Jarreau[5:58]
11.Tu Y Yo/Ruben Blades[5:01]
12.We Love (Jingle)/Take 6[0:15]

Bonus Tracks: 12-Inch Mixes
13.Fight The Power (Extended Version)/Public Enemy[6:48]★
14.Fight The Power (Powersax)/Public Enemy[3:54]
15.My Fantasy (Extended Version)/Teddy Riley Featuring Guy[5:28]
16.My Fantasy (Rap Version)/Teddy Riley Featuring Guy[5:03]






Fight The Power/Public Enemy収録!