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Shine! The Best Of Disco & Soul Vol. 6<Boogie Purple>

Title:Shine! The Best Of Disco & Soul Vol. 6<Boogie Purple>

CD|Sony Music Direct|OCD-9106|2016


01.Trammps Disco Theme/Trammps[3:24]
02.Boogie Nights/Heatwave[3:35]
03.You'll Never Find Another Love Like Mine「別れたくないのに」/Lou Rawls[3:33]
04.Play That Funky Music/Wild Cherry[3:13]
05.Fight The Power (Part 1)/The Isley Brothers[3:21]
06.Kiss And Say Goodbye「涙の口づけ」/Manhattans[4:29]
07.Enjoy Yourself「僕はゴキゲン」/The Jacksons[3:42]
08.Do It Any Way You Wanna「ディスコ天国」/People's Choice[3:18]
09.September/Earth, Wind & Fire[3:38]
10.Shake Your Body (Down To The Ground)/The Jacksons[3:54]
11.Best Of My Love/The Emotions[3:43]
12.Fantasy「宇宙のファンタジー」/Earth, Wind & Fire[3:46]
13.Got To Be Real/Cheryl Lynn[3:45]★
14.Sunny/Boney M.[4:00]
15.Disco Lady/Johnnie Taylor[4:29]
16.Yes Sir, I Can Boogie「誘惑のブギー」/Baccara[4:36]
17.Rasputin「快僧ラスプーチン」/Boney M.[4:29]
18.Do Me/Teddy Pendergrass[4:42]
19.Relight My Fire/Dan Hartman[3:45]



Got to Be Real

Got to Be Real

  • シャリル・リン
  • R&B/ソウル
  • ¥255
  • provided courtesy of iTunes


Got To Be Real/Cheryl Lynn収録!