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Dance Music Chronicle Volume 2 - I Love Music

Title:Dance Music Chronicle  Volume 2 - I Love Music

CD|Sony Music|AKCK-30022|2001


01.I Love Music/The O'Jays[6:53]
02.Shake Your Body (Down To The Ground)/The Jacksons[3:46]
03.Lovely One/The Jacksons[4:54]
04.Sexy Music/The Nolans[3:39]
05.Smile/The Emotions[3:16]
06.Fight The Power (Part 1 & 2)/The Isley Brothers[5:21]
07.Do It Any Way You Wanna/People's Choice[3:18]★
08.Instant Replay/Dan Hartman[3:26]
09.In The Night/Cheryl Lynn[4:29]
10.Who Can It Be Now?/Men At Work[3:23]
11.Holding Out For A Hero/Bonnie Tyler[5:51]
12.Cross My Heart/Eighth Wonder[3:28]
13.Girls Just Want To Have Fun/Cyndi Lauper[3:54]
14.Rockit/Herbie Hancock[4:15]
15.Wanted/The Dooleys[3:28]
16.The Groove Line (Special Disco Version)/Heatwave[4:15]
17.Disco Lady/Johnnie Taylor[4:29]
18.Lady Marmalade/Labelle[3:57]



I Love Music

I Love Music

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Do It Any Way You Wanna/People's Choice収録!