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I Wanna Be Your Love「あなたの愛になりたい」



Perfect Time (Time Mix)[6:02]>Best Disco Vol. 7

Perfect Time[3:08]>Eurobeat Best Hits

Mister Right (Extended Mix)[5:23]>Eurobeat Flash Vol. 1

I Wanna Be Your Love[3:23]>Italian Eurobeat Disco "Disco Magic Hits"

I Wanna Be Your Love[3:23]>Melancholic Euro Discotique「哀愁のユーロ・ディスコティック」

Perfect Time[6:00]>Super Eurobeat Vol. 1

I Wanna Be Your Love[5:52]>Super Eurobeat Vol. 7

Matter Of Feeling[2:43]>That's Eurobeat The Complete Works V 1992

Never Fall In Love Again[2:59]他>That's Eurobeat The Complete Works VI 1993

Matter Of Feeling (Extended Mix)[6:22]>That's Eurobeat Vol. 34

Never Fall In Love Again (Extended Mix)[6:02]>That's Eurobeat Vol. 38

Love Is Like Paradise (Extended Mix)[6:13]>That's Eurobeat Vol. 41

I Wanna Be Your Love[5:51]>ユーロディスコ Hits コンプリートベスト


Non-Stop Mix

I Wanna Be Your Love[2:07]>Disco 80's Presents Around 40

Perfect Time[3:22]>Disco 80's Special ~The 常連~

I Wanna Be Your Love[3:04]>Disco 80's Volume 2

I Wanna Be Your Love[2:53]>Eurobeat Fantasy Special Edition Dance Dance Dance Part 2

I Wanna Be Your Love[6:18]>Eurobeat Fantasy Vol. 6

I Wanna Be Your Love[3:07]>Hi-NRG '80s Greece Special

I Wanna Be Your Love[3:13]>Hi-NRG '80s Presents New York New York Night Special

I Wanna Be Your Love[2:51]>Maharaja Night Vol. 13 - Euro Classix Edition

Perfect Time[5:18]>Non-Stop Best Disco Vol. 4

I Wanna Be Your Love[2:23]>Super Eurobeat Vol. 8

I Wanna Be Your Love[0:42]>Super Eurobeat Vol. 49

Eternally (You Belong To Me)[2:50]>Super Eurobeat Vol. 83

Hold On[2:46]>Super Eurobeat Vol. 86

Matter Of Feeling[3:24]>That's Eurobeat Non-Stop Mix Vol. 12

Never Fall In Love Again[4:25]>That's Eurobeat Non-Stop Mix Vol. 13

Never Fall In Love Again[6:01]>That's Eurobeat Non-Stop Mix Vol. 14

Never Fall In Love Again[5:36]>That's Eurobeat Vol. 40

Perfect Time[4:33]>Tokyo Dance Scene [Shibuya]

Perfect Time[5:05]>Tokyo Dance Scene [Shinjuku]



Perfect TimeSuper Eurobeat Vol. 1 - Time Compilation

Perfect TimeSuper Eurobeat Vol. 7 - Mega Mix Edition (Part 2)