disco x disco


アーティスト:Linda Ross

アーティスト:Linda Ross


Touch Me



Bad Girl (Extended "Far East" Mix)[5:31]>Beat Express Vol. 3

Touch Me[5:29]>The Best Disco '91「ディスコ'91」

Up & Down (Extended Mix)[6:32]>Let's Groove! The Paradise Of Dance「踊れ!ダンス天国Vol.1」

Run Run (Extended Mix)[6:20]>Maharaja Night Hi-NRG Revolution Vol. 3

Touch Me[5:22]>Super Eurobeat Vol. 2

Bad Girl[5:12]>Super Eurobeat Vol. 6

Loving Honey (Extended Mix)[5:31]>Super Eurobeat Vol. 24

Love Is Danger (Extended Mix)[5:44]>Super Eurobeat Vol. 35

Let's Go (Extended Mix)[5:47]>Super Eurobeat Vol. 48

Love Me Stupid[4:15]>Super Eurobeat Vol. 69

Eternity[3:37]>Super Eurobeat Vol. 77

Rinding In The Sky[3:56]>Super Eurobeat Vol. 87

Loving Honey (Red Monster Mix)[7:17]>Super Eurobeat Vol. 89

Touch Me (Extended Mix)[5:28]>Super Eurobeat Vol. 91


Non-Stop Mix

Loving Honey[4:06]>The Best Of Maharaja Night 1992

Love Is Danger[2:47]>The Best Of Maharaja Night 1993

Bad Girl[3:31]>FM Nack5 Don't Stop The Music

Loving Honey[2:45]>Maharaja Night Vol. 4

Run Run[3:34]>Maharaja Night Vol. 5

Love Is Danger[2:43]>Maharaja Night Vol. 7

I Got To Feel Your Love[2:13]>Maharaja Night Vol. 9

Love Is Danger[2:20]>Maharaja Night Vol. 20 - Anniversary Non-Stop Disco Mix

Loving Honey[3:29]>Non-Stop Super Eurobeat Exciting Hyper Night

Touch Me[5:59]>Super Eurobeat Vol. 2

Touch Me[2:30]>Super Eurobeat Vol. 4

Bad Girl[2:07]>Super Eurobeat Vol. 8

Bad Girl[0:30]>Super Eurobeat Vol. 49