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アーティスト:Norma Sheffield

アーティスト:Norma Sheffield


Sweet Heaven



Memories[4:05]>J-Euro Original Collection Vol. 2

Look Me In The Eyes (Club Mix)[6:00]>Maharaja Night Hi-NRG Revolution Vol. 1

Your Body Lies[5:35]他>Super Eurobeat Vol. 9

Sometimes (Extended Version)[6:12]>Super Eurobeat Vol. 17

Touch Me Touch Me (Basic Mix)[5:41]>Super Eurobeat Vol. 18

Techniques Of Love (Extended Mix)[5:44]>Super Eurobeat Vol. 27

Broken Heart (Extended Mix)[5:59]>Super Eurobeat Vol. 37

Sweet Heaven (Extended NRG Mix)[6:04]>Super Eurobeat Vol. 44

Memories (Extended Mix)[6:20]>Super Eurobeat Vol. 48

Looking To The People (Extended Mix)[6:27]>Super Eurobeat Vol. 61

Ladies[3:58]>Super Eurobeat Vol. 69

How Do You Feel It[4:22]>Super Eurobeat Vol. 72

Suspiria[4:08]>Super Eurobeat Vol. 77

Party Time[3:49]>Super Eurobeat Vol. 78

Lucky Angel[4:09]>Super Eurobeat Vol. 79

Honey Be Mine[4:01]>Super Eurobeat Vol. 84

You Are My Happiness/Norma Sheffield & Virginelle[4:08]>Super Eurobeat Vol. 87

Lonely Night[4:13]>Super Eurobeat Vol. 91


Non-Stop Mix

It's For Your Eyes[3:28]>All Nippon!! Super Disco Battle「全国縦断!!スーパー・ディスコ・バトル」

Touch Me Touch Me[4:18]>The Best Of Maharaja Night 1992

It's For Your Eye[4:00]>Maharaja Night Vol. 1

Sometimes[3:09]>Maharaja Night Vol. 2

Touch Me, Touch Me[3:07]>Maharaja Night Vol. 3

Sweet Heaven[2:32]>Maharaja Night Vol. 12

Party Time[3:10]>Super Eurobeat Vol. 83

Maybe Tonite[2:32]>Super Eurobeat Vol. 86