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アーティスト:Lou Grant

アーティスト:Lou Grant


What Kind Of Cure「恋のメディスン」



What Kind Of Cure (Club Mix Of Planet Jupiter)[6:13]>DJ: Trax #0

Funky Lady (Extended Mix)[5:57]>Maharaja Night Hi-NRG Revolution Vol. 1

Take Me Up And Down (Extended Mix)[6:43]>Maharaja Night Hi-NRG Revolution Vol. 5

Maharaja Night (T.Y.M. Remix)[6:13]>Maharaja Night Vol. 15

What Kind Of Cure[5:31]>Super Eurobeat Vol. 7

Bad Desire (Extended Mix)[5:46]>Super Eurobeat Vol. 27

Take Me Up & Down[6:44]>Super Eurobeat Vol. 31

Boom Boom Para Para[4:06]>Super Eurobeat Vol. 68

People Of Music[3:58]>Super Eurobeat Vol. 74

Money 4 Love[4:03]>Super Eurobeat Vol. 79

Communication[4:10]>Super Eurobeat Vol. 84


Non-Stop Mix

Funky Lady[4:24]>The Best Of Maharaja Night 1992

Take Me High All Days (DR4 Remix)[3:01]>he Best Of Maharaja Night 1994

Maharaja Night[3:35]>The Best Of Maharaja Night 1995

Boom Boom Para Para[2:26]>The Best Of Maharaja Night 1996

What Kind Of Cure[3:22]>Disco 80's Special ~The 常連~

Sex Heroes[7:23]>Eurobeat Fantasy Vol. 14

Funky Lady[3:18]>Maharaja Night Vol. 4

Bad Desire[2:23]>Maharaja Night Vol. 5

Take Me Up And Down[2:26]>Maharaja Night Vol. 6

Take Me High All Days[2:17]>Maharaja Night Vol. 9

Bad Desire[2:19]>Maharaja Night Vol. 10 - Anniversary Edition

What Kind Of Cure[2:35]>Maharaja Night Vol. 13 - Euro Classix Edition

Maharaja Night[3:26]>Maharaja Night Vol. 14

Boom Boom Para Para[3:02]>Maharaja Night Vol. 18

Maharaja Night (T.Y.M. Remix)[3:04]>Maharaja Night Vol. 20 - Anniversary Non-Stop Disco Mix

Maharaja Night[2:16]>Maharaja Night Vol. Final

Funky Lady[3:51]>Non-Stop Super Eurobeat Exciting Hyper Night

What Kind Of Cure[2:56]>Non Stop Time Compilation

What Kind Of Cure[1:55]>Super Eurobeat Vol. 8

What Kind Of Cure[1:09]>Super Eurobeat Vol. 49

Don't Stop The Music[2:30]>Super Eurobeat Vol. 86