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アーティスト:Derreck Simons

アーティスト:Derreck Simons


TNT (Extended Mix)[5:54]>Super Eurobeat Vol. 45

Back To The Future (Extended Mix)[5:56]>Super Eurobeat Vol. 48

Hey People (Extended Mix)[6:31]>Super Eurobeat Vol. 49

Take It Easy (Extended Mix)[6:32]>Super Eurobeat Vol. 51

Love Gun (Extended Mix)[5:25]>Super Eurobeat Vol. 62

Mr. Lady[4:06]>Super Eurobeat Vol. 68

This Time[3:53]>Super Eurobeat Vol. 71

My Radio[3:57]>Super Eurobeat Vol. 74

More Than A Feeling[3:49]>Super Eurobeat Vol. 77


Non-Stop Mix

Take It Easy[2:52]>The Best Of Maharaja Night 1995

The Wild One[2:00]>Maharaja Night Vol. 5

Full Power[4:15]>Maharaja Night Vol. 11

Hey People[2:20]>Maharaja Night Vol. 12

Take It Easy[3:10]>Maharaja Night Vol. 15

Love Gun[2:37]>Maharaja Night Vol. 17

My Radio[2:45]>Super Eurobeat Vol. 76