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アーティスト:Go Go Girls

アーティスト:Go Go Girls


Crazy For You/Go Go Girls Featuring Virginelle & Annalise[6:27]他>Hot Love & Emotion「ホット・ラヴ」/Virginelle



Fun Fun Boy (Extended Fun Mix)/Go Go Girls Featuring Annalise & Virginelle[5:49]>Super Eurobeat Vol. 27

Rock Me Babe (Extended Mix)[6:38]>Super Eurobeat Vol. 32

Mega Love (Extended Version)[6:08]>Super Eurobeat Vol. 35

Sunny Sunny Lady (Extended Mix)[5:43]>Super Eurobeat Vol. 39

Nobody's Perfect (Extended Mix)[5:53]>Super Eurobeat Vol. 44

Right Now (Extended Mix)[6:16]>Super Eurobeat Vol. 51

Please Me Tell Me Why (Extended Mix)[5:58]>Super Eurobeat Vol. 54

Stimulation (Extended Mix)[6:43]>Super Eurobeat Vol. 61

Bad Is Bad (Extended Mix)[6:05]>Super Eurobeat Vol. 62

Yellow Magic[4:06]>Super Eurobeat Vol. 68

Let Me Know[4:03]>Super Eurobeat Vol. 71

Cocoon[4:07]>Super Eurobeat Vol. 74

My Sweet Banana[3:29]>Super Eurobeat Vol. 78

Sugar Baby Love[4:09]>Super Eurobeat Vol. 79

Funny Love[2:59]>Super Eurobeat Vol. 83

D.I.S.C.O.[3:51]>Super Eurobeat Vol. 84

Dance On A Volcano[4:03]>Super Eurobeat Vol. 87

Love In The Limo[4:05]>Super Eurobeat Vol. 88

Spies In The Space[4:02]>Super Eurobeat Vol. 89

In The Heart Of The Earth[3:55]> Super Eurobeat Vol. 91


Non-Stop Mix

Crazy For You/Go Go Girls Featuring Annalise & Virginelle[3:44]>The Best Of Maharaja Night 1992

Come Back[2:36]>The Best Of Maharaja Night 1995

Rock Me Babe[3:23]>Maharaja Night Vol. 6

Come Back[2:15]>Maharaja Night Vol. 14

Bad Is Bad[2:52]>Maharaja Night Vol. 16

Yellow Magic[2:22]他>Maharaja Night Vol. 19 - Euro Fire Special

Tarzan[2:47]>Super Eurobeat Vol. 76

D.I.S.C.O.[2:53]他>Super Eurobeat Vol. 86

One Night In Arabia[2:19]>That's Disco Presents Parapara Non-Stop Mix



One Night In Arabia[2:59]>Velfarre Complete Best 1994-2006