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Through The Fire



Brand New World

Groove That Soul

Love Unlimited


Share My Joy (D's Relentless Club Mix)/GTS Feat. Loleatta Holloway[4:04]>The Greatest Performance Of My Life - The Best Of Loleatta Holloway/Loleatta Holloway



Shine In My Life[5:18]>Dancing Groove 3

Tonight Is The Night[4:53]>Maharaja Night Presents Dance Pop Selection

Through The Fire (GTS Radio Mix)[4:06]>House Revolution Vol. 45

Tonight Is The Night[4:53]>Super Dance Freak Vol. 51

Take Me Up To Heaven (GTS Mix)[4:53]>Super Dance Freak Vol. 53

Black & Rare Groove (GTS Radio Mix)[4:59]>Super Dance Freak Vol. 55

I Still Believe (GTS Mix)[4:51]>Super Dance Freak Vol. 57

The Greatset Love Of All (GTS Radio Edit Mix)[5:02]>Super Dance Freak Vol. 59

Stay With Me (Groove That Soul 'M' Edit)[3:56]>Super Dance Freak Vol. 62

Brand New World (Radio Edit)[3:53]>Super Dance Freak Vol. 67

Theme From Mahogany (Do You Know Where You're Going) (GTS Mix)[5:09]>Super Dance Freak Vol. 69

True Beauty ("M" Edit)[4:19]>Super Dance Freak Vol. 73

Shine In My Life[5:03]>Super Dance Freal Vol. 77

Tonight Is The Night (GTS Edit Version)[4:00]>Very Best Of Happy Handbag


Non-Stop Mix

Trough The Fire[4:25]>The Best Of Maharaja Night 1996

Brand New World[3:17]他>CD Groove XXX - Nonstop Megamix Avex Edition

Through The Fire[2:01]>Countdown Groove!

Through The Fire[3:30]>Dancing Groove

The Greatest Love Of All[3:13]>Dancing Groove 2

Through The Fire[4:24]>Maharaja Night Vol. 18

I Still Believe[2:07]>Maharaja Night Vol. 20 - Anniversary Non-Stop Disco Mix

Through The Fire[3:26]>Maria Club 10th Anniversary Hyper Non-Stop Mix

Through The Fire[2:40]>Super Dance Freak Vol. 56 Nonstop Countdown Special

The Greatest Love Of All[2:18]>Super Dance Freak Vol. 60 - Anniversary Hyper Beat

Brand New World[4:09]>Super Dance Freak Vol. 68 ~Nonstop Hyper Mega-Mix~

Bitter Sweet Samba[1:55]>Super Dance Freak Vol. 70 ~Anniversary~

True Beauty[3:38]>Super Dance Freak Vol. 75 ~High Power Mix~

Through The Fire[2:39]>Super Dance Freak Vol. 80 ~Anniversary Millenium Party~

Tonight Is The Night[2:54]>Velfarre Vol. 7 - One Step Into The Future



I Still Believe[4:19]>Velfarre Complete Best 1994-2006