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Disco 80's Presents Around 40


Title:Disco 80's Presents Around 40

CD|Avex Trax|AVCD-23931|2009.09.2


01.Give Me Up (JG's Remix)/Michael Fortunat[3:41]
02.I Heard A Rumour/Bananarama[2:54]
03.Fire On The Moon/Aleph[2:45]
04.I Should Be So Lucky/Kylie Minogue[3:31]
05.Together Forever/Rick Astley[3:16]
06.Too Many Broken Hearts/Jason Donovan[2:29]
07.Positive Reaction/Mandy Smith[2:57]
08.Dancing Queen/Abbacadabra[3:00]
09.Spanish Hustle (Latin Jackin' Mix)/Rico[3:05]
10.Can't Take My Eyes Off You/Ross[2:35]
11.Do You Wanna Funk/Lian Ross[2:45]
12.So Meny Men, So Little Time/Miquel Brown[2:43]
13.Whisper To A Scream/Bobby O[1:43]
14.Dance Your Love Away/Michael Prince[2:04]
15.Pistol In My Pocket/Lana Pellay[1:59]
16.Overnight Success/Teri Desario[3:27]
17.DJ In My Life/Annie[3:48]
18.Children Of The Sky/Giorgia Morandi[2:01]
19.I Wanna Be Your Love/Rose[2:07]
20.My World/Sophie[1:52]
21.Crazy For You/Vanessa[2:06]
22.Only You/Virgin[1:44]
23.In The Name Of Love/Finzy Kontini[2:00]
24.Help Me/Mela[2:15]
25.Somebody's Loving/Jenny Kee[1:56]
26.Walking Away/Brian Ice[1:48]
27.Taboo/The Frame Up[2:23]
28.Japan Japan/Alphatown[1:47]
29.Ever And Ever/Venice[1:49]

Bonus Track
30.ハートは戻らない (JG's Mix)/早見優[4:28]★



Walking Away

Walking Away

  • Brian Ice
  • ダンス
  • ¥153
  • provided courtesy of iTunes