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Dance Music Chronicle Volume 3 - Upside Down

Title:Dance Music Chronicle  Volume 3 - Upside Down



01.Upside Down/Diana Ross[3:40]
02.I Want You Back/The Jackson 5[3:00]★
03.Stop! In The Name Of Love/Diana Ross & The Supremes[2:50]
04.It's The Same Old Song/The Four Tops[2:48]
05.What's Going On/Marvin Gaye[3:49]
06.It's A Shame/The Spinners[3:08]
07.Super Freak/Rick James[3:24]
08.Let's Get Serious/Jermaine Jackson[3:35]
09.Let It Whip/Dazz Band[4:07]
10.Give It To Me Baby/Rick James[3:53]
11.In My House/Mary Jane Girls[3:58]
12.The Boss/Diana Ross[3:58]
13.Got To Give It Up (Part 1)/Marvin Gaye[4:04]
14.Glasshouse/The Temptations[3:56]
15.War/Edwin Starr[3:24]
16.Get Ready/Rare Earth[2:47]
17.Machine Gun/Commodores[2:42]
18.The Bump/Commodores[2:53]
19.Happy People/The Temptaions[3:38]
20.Love Machine (Part 1)/The Miracles[2:53]



Upside Down

Upside Down

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I Want You Back/The Jackson 5収録!