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Best Of Best Eurobeat Box

Title:Best Of Best Eurobeat Box

CD|Alabianca Records|TOCP-6716|1991.06.21


01.King Kong (Switch Back Remix)/King Kong & D.Jungle Girls[4:18]
02.Boogie Woogie Dance/Coo Coo[5:30]
03.Love Is On My Mind「恋は心に・・・」/Ross[5:36]
04.Jump For Joy/Giorgia Morandi[6:47]
05.Love & American Dollars/King Kong & D.Jungle Girls[5:30]
06.Love Games/Venice[5:57]
07.Losing My Mind/Lilac[5:17]
08.Winner/Coo Coo[5:13]
09.I Will Never Try To Change You/Donna Luna[5:44]
10.Easy Lover/Coo Coo[5:51]
11.Run To Me/Malcolm J. Hill[2:59]
12.Stay/Linda Martin[6:22]
13.In The Deep Of My Heart/Thomas & Shubert[3:32]
14.Bad Man/King Kong & D.Jungle Girls[3:18]
15.Are You Ready For Loving Me「恋はOK」/Rene Froger[6:16]★



Are You Ready for Loving Me - The 12

Are You Ready for Loving Me - The 12" Pwl Party - Mix

  • Rene Froger
  • ポップ
  • ¥204
  • provided courtesy of iTunes




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