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Euro Dance Beat Heart Two Heart


Title:Euro Dance Beat Heart Two Heart

CD|Mad About Dance (Jimco Records)|MAD 5002|1990


01.You Can Say To Everybody/Steve Clark[4:02]
02.Never Say You Love Me/David Lyme[3:15]★
03.You're The One (Extended Version)/1000 Ohm[4:55]
04.Open Your Eyes (Remix)/Sisley Ferre[6:43]
05.Me Your Love (Remix)/Sisley Ferre[7:37]
06.Let Me Be Your Love/Silver[3:41]
07.Can't Stop (Remix)/Attack[7:03]
08.Crazy For Your Love (Remix)/Attack[6:36]
09.I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself (12inch Version)/Tracy Ackerman[6:36]
10.You Can Say To Everybody (12inch Version)/Steve Clark[6:27]


Never Say You Love Me/David Lyme収録!