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Disco 80's


Title:Disco 80's

CD|Avex Trax|AVCD-17212|2002.12.11


01.Turn It Into Love/Kylie Minogue[3:39]
02.This Time I Know It's For Real/Donna Summer[2:54]
03.Nothing's Gonna Stop Me Now/Samantha Fox[3:18]
04.Keep On Dancing/Clio & Kay[2:56]
05.A Little Love (What's Going On)/Ceejay[2:47]
06.You'll Never Stop Me Loving You/Sonia[3:08]
07.If I Have To Stand Alone/Lonnie Gordon[2:57]
08.Happenin' All Over Again/Lonnie Gordon[3:08]
09.Fire On The Moon/Aleph[2:58]
10.Get Ready/Carol Hitchcock[2:23]
11.Big Time Operator/Julie Coulson[3:14]★
12.I Believe In Dreams/Jackie Rawe[2:35]
13.Unexpected Lovers/Lime[3:09]
14.So Many Men, So Little Time/Miquel Brown[2:36]
15.High Energy/Evelyn Thomas[2:45]
16.Flash Dance... What A Feeling/Irene Cara[2:55]
17.Give Me Up/Michael Fortunati[2:33]
18.Into The Night/Michael Fortunati[2:53]
19.Jive Into The Night/Green Olives[2:01]
20.In The Name Of Love/Finzy Kontini[2:53]
21.Only You/Virgin[2:12]
22.Help Me/Mela[3:00]
23.Ever & Ever/Venice[2:11]
24.Bad Desire/F.C.F.[2:37]

Special Track
25.Turn Around And Count 2 Ten (Self Cover Version)/Dead Or Alive[5:16]