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The Best Of Stock Aitken Waterman - A Ton Of Hits - The Hit Factory Vol. 4


Title:The Best Of Stock Aitken Waterman - A Ton Of Hits - The Hit Factory Vol. 4

CD×2|Dover|CCD 19|1990|Import


[CD 1]

1. Mix Part 1/Various[34:36]
-01.Sealed With A Kiss/Jason Donovan
-02.Beyond Your Wildest Dreams/Lonnie Gordon
-03.Packjammed With The Party Posse/Stock Aitken Waterman
-04.Roadblock/Stock Aitken Waterman
-05.After The Love Is Gone/Princess
-06.Say I'm Your Number One/Princess
-07.New York Afternoon/Mondo Kane
-08.Let's Get Together Tonite (You Wot!)/Steve Walsh
-09.No Fool (No Love)/Hazell Dean
-10.Wouldn't Change A Thing/Kylie Minogue
-11.Never Gonna Give You Up/Rick Astley
-12.Whenever You Need Somebody/Rick Astley
-13.Can't Forget You/Sonia
-14.Together Forever/Rick Astley
-15.They Say It's Gonna Rain/Hazell Dean
-16.I Should Be So Lucky/Kylie Minogue
-17.Cross My Broken Heart/Sinitta
-18.Got To Be Certain/Kylie Minogue
-19.Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi/Kylie Minogue
-20.That's The Way It Is/Mel & Kim
-21.Blame It On The Boogie/Big Fun
-22.Showing Out (Get Fresh At The Weekend)/Mel & Kim
-23.When You Come Back To Me/Jason Donovan

2.Mix Part 2/Various[25:28]
-24.Counting Every Minute/Sonia
-25.Heartache/Pepsi & Shirlie
-26.Get Ready/Carol Hitchcock
-27.Every Day (I Love You More)/Jason Donovan
-28.I Only Wanna Be With You/Samantha Fox
-29.He Ain't No Competition/Brother Beyond
-30.You Think You're A Man/Divine
-31.I Haven't Stopped Dancing Yet/Pat & Mick
-32.The Loco-Motion/Kylie Minogue
-33.Back In My Arms (Once Again)/Hazell Dean
-34.I'm So Beautiful/Divine
-35.The Harder I Try/Brother Beyond
-36.Whatever I Do (Wherever I Go)/Hazell Dean
-37.Tears On My Pillow/Kylie Minogue
-38.Especially For You/Kylie Minogue & Jason Donovan
-39.Ferry 'Cross The Mersey/Various
-40.End of The World/Sonia


[CD 2]

1.Mix Part 3/Various[32:13]
-01.In The Heart Of A Passionate Moment/Princess
-02.You'll Never Stop Me From Loving You/Sonia
-03.Never Too Late/Kylie Minogue
-04.Better The Devil You Know/Kylie Minogue
-05.I Don't Believe In Miracles/Sinitta
-06.All Of Me (Boy Oh Boy)/Sabrina
-07.Take Me To Your Heart/Rick Astley
-08.Maybe (We Should Call It Day)/Hazell Dean
-09.Toy Boy/Sinitta
-11.All The Way/England Football Team
-12.Nothing Can Divide Us/Jason Donovan
-13.Let's All Chant/Pat & Mick
-14.Hand On Your Heart/Kylie Minogue
-15.S.S. Paparazzi (The Boys Have A Go Back Mix)/Stock Aitken Waterman
-16.Success/Sigue Sigue Sputnik
-17.Love's About To Change My Heart (Edit)/Donna Summer
-18.Happenin' All Over Again (Hip House Radio Mix)/Lonnie Gordon
-19.Can't Shake The Feeling/Big Fun
-20.Use It Up And Wear It Out/Pat & Mick

2.Mix Part 4/Various[28:46]
-21.Love Is War/Brilliant
-22.Tell Me Tomorrow/Princess
-23.The Heaven I Need/The Three Degrees
-24.Another Night/Jason Donovan
-25.When Love Takes Over You (Remix)/Donna Summer
-27.Rhythm Of The Rain/Jason Donovan
-28.Turn It Into Love/Hazell Dean
-29.I'll Keep On Loving You/Princess
-30.My Arms Keep Missing You/Rick Astley
-31.Hang On To Your Love/Jason Donovan
-32.Who's Leaving Who/Hazell Dean
-33.Nothing's Gonna Stop Me Now/Samantha Fox
-34.Too Many Broken Hearts/Jason Donovan
-35.F.L.M. | Mel & Kim-36. Respectable/Mel & Kim
-37.I Just Don't Have The Heart/Cliff Richard
-38.Ain't Nothing But A House Party/Phil Fearon
-39.I'd Rather Jack/The Reynolds Girls
-40.Listen To Your Heart/Sonia
-41.Handful Of Promises/Big Fun