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Dancemania 3


Title:Dancemania 3

CD|Intercode Japan|TOCP-4020|1996.10.09


01.Help Me Dr. Dick/E-Rotic[4:44]★
02.Soldier Soldier (Cyborgs In Rio Mix)/Captain Jack[3:21]
03.Ladies Night/7T Feat. Kool & The Gang, J.T. And Takia[3:14]
04.Let's Groove Rap/Big Mama Feat. DJ Max[3:01]
05.Can't Stop This Feeling (Geo's Hot Pants Radio Mix)/Nina[3:20]
06.XanaduOlivia Feat. Paula[3:25]
08.Everybody/Worlds Apart[3:33]
09.Come On And Do It (The Funky Ride Version II)/Pandora[3:26]
10.Dream Of The Night/EXP[3:15]
11.Got To Believe/Amya[4:16]
12.You And Me/Airbag[3:25]
13.Around And 'Round/Ann Bell Fell[3:03]
14.Move Your Body/Sultans Of Dance[3:28]
15.World Of Freedom/Magic Affair[3:26]
16.Got To Get It On/KC Linn[3:28]
17.Give Me Something To Dance To/Spikey[3:29]
18.Without You/Body Parts[3:32]
19.United States Of Japan/Mach 7[3:50]
20.Where Have All The Flowers Gone/Central Park[3:41]
21.I Want Your Mind (Euromasters Remix)/Habegale[4:53]



Help Me Dr Dick (Radio Edit)

Help Me Dr Dick (Radio Edit)

  • エロティック
  • ダンス
  • ¥255
  • provided courtesy of iTunes