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Disco Giants 2


Title:Disco Giants 2

CD×2|PTG Records|PTG 34039|2007|Import


[CD 1]

01.I Found Lovin'/Fatback[4:06]
02.In The Evening/Sheryl Lee Ralph[6:15]
03.All Of Me For All Of You (Frankie Rodriguez Extended Remix)/9.9[7:06]
04.Plane Love (Frankie Rodriguez Airborne Re-Edit)/Jeffrey Osborne[7:14]
05.Mine All Mine/Ca$hflow[7:00]
06.Fresh (12" Remix)/Kool & The Gang[5:48]
07.The Lover In Me/September[4:33]
08.I Like (What You're Doing To Me)/Young & Co[7:17]
09.Got To Find My Way Back To You/Tavares[6:34]
10.Candlelight Afternoon/Phyllis St. James[5:26]★


[CD 2]

01.Baby Love/Regina[6:29]
02.Put Our Heads Together/The O'Jays[6:13]
03.Love Pride/Nuance Feat. Vikki Love[6:40]
04.Getting Closer/Haywoode[6:18]
05.They Only Come Out At Night/Peter Brown[6:23]
06.I Like You (Shep Pettibone Remix)/Phyllis Nelson[7:20]
07.You Better Quit/One Way[7:41]
08.Don't Say Goodnight/First Love[6:57]
09.What People Do For Money/Divine Sounds[7:26]
10.She (I Can't Resist)/Jesse Johnson[7:21]



Candlelight Afternoon

Candlelight Afternoon

  • フィリス・セント・ジェイムス
  • R&B/ソウル
  • ¥255
  • provided courtesy of iTunes