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Give Me Up - The Very Best Of Michael Fortunati


Title:Give Me Up - The Very Best Of Michael Fortunati
Artist:Michael Fortunati

CD|Now Discs|TOCP-64198|2002.12.18


01. Give Me Up[3:43]
02. Into The Night[3:47]
03. Alleluia[3:51]
04. Let Me Down[5:54]
05. Gioch Di Fortuna (Remix Version)[5:51]★
06. Julia (Extended Version)[5:48]
07. Energyse[4:05]
08. A.B.C. (It's Called)[4:28]
09. Gonna Get You[3:47]
10. Don't Let Me Go[5:50]
11. I'm Not A Freak[3:41]
12. Please Don't Go[4:42]
13. Danse Avec Moi (PWL Remix)[6:16]
14. Big Bang[4:23]
15. Give Me Up (New Remix)[3:58]
16. Into The Night (New Remix)[5:48]




Giochi Di Fortuna (Remix Version)収録!