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Dance Classics Best Of Vol. 5


Title:Dance Classics Best Of Vol. 5

CD×3|Rodeo Media|533 462-1|2011|Import


[CD 1]

01.Push It/Salt 'N Pepa[4:29]★
02.I Know You Got Soul/Eric B. & Rakim[5:53]
03.My Prerogative/Bobby Brown[8:03]
04.The Rain/Oran 'Juice' Jones[5:10]
05.Tom's Diner/Suzanne Vega Feat. DNA[5:28]
06.We Got A Love Thang/Ce Ce Peniston[6:58]
07.Gypsy Woman (She's Homeless)/Crystal Waters[7:31]
08.Lover's Lane/Georgio[6:02]
10.Friends/Jody Watley Feat. Eric B. Rakim[8:02]


[CD 2]

01.Now That We Found Love/Heavy D & The Boyz[5:47]★
02.Love Train/Holly Johnson[6:54]
03.Pump Up The Jam/Technotronic Feat. Felly[5:05]
04.Beat Dis/Bomb The Bass[5:59]
05.I Love Your Smile/Shanice[4:21]
06.The Message Is Love/Arthur Baker & The Backbeat Disciples[7:07]
07.She (I Can't Resist)/Jesse Johnson[7:23]
08.Rub You The Right Way/Johny Gill[5:47]
09.Stalemate/Mac Band [6:49]
10.(He's Got) The Look/Vanessa Williams[6:33]


[CD 3]

01.Killer/Adamski Feat. Seal[5:38]
02.Crucial/New Editon[8:16]
03.Spy In The House Of Love/Was Not Was[6:35]
04.Rocket 2 U/The Jets[5:53]★
05.How Soon We Forget/Colonel Abrams[7:51]
06.Motownphilly/Bpyz II Men[5:43]
07.House Arrest/Krush[6:36]
08.Never Be The Same/Breakfast Club[6:50]★
09.Feels Good/Tony Toni Tone[7:00]★
10.My Love Is So Raw/Alyson Williams[6:59]



Now That We Found Love

Now That We Found Love

  • ヘヴィ・D&ザ・ボーイズ
  • R&B/ソウル
  • ¥255
  • provided courtesy of iTunes



Dance Classics

Dance Classics