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Maxi Singles 80 - CD 4 Variete Internationale


Title:Maxi Singles 80 - CD 4 Variete Internationale

CD|Wagram Music|3124832|2007|Import


01.The Never Ending Story (US Club Mix)/Limahl[6:06]★
02.Secret (New 12" Remix '88)/OMD[5:51]
03.Cuncrete And Clay (12" Version)/Hong Kong Syndikat[6:39]
04.Every Girl And Boy (Special Bang Bang Remix)/Spagna[5:16]
05.Heartache Avenue (12" Version/The Maisonettes[4:20]
06.Hey Little Girl (Australian Disco Mix)/Ice House[6:56]
07.Again (Special Remix)/Do Piano[7:18]
08.Milk From The Coconut (extended Dance Mix)/Toto Coelo[6:54]
09.Under The Ice (French 12" Version)/Topo & Roby[5:30]
10.Funny Girl (Super Remix)/William Pitt[5:44]
11.Feel The Heat (Extended Version)/Jean Beauvoir[7:14]
12.Silver Nights (Version Longue)/Gibson Brothers[6:30]
13.I Pray (Remix)/Blossom Child[5:13]



The NeverEnding Story (12

The NeverEnding Story (12" Dance Mix)

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