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Eurobeat Fantasy Special Edition Dance Dance Dance Part 1


Title:Eurobeat Fantasy Special Edition Dance Dance Dance Part 1

CD|Canyon International|D25Y0256|R(1988).12.14


01.Bye Bye Baby/Max Coveri[2:12]
02.Cross My Heart/San[1:36]
03.One Way Ticket To Heaven/Samantha Gilles[2:48]
04.Just Gotta Tell Her/Hot & Cold[1:50]
05.Supersonic Level/Antonella[2:09]
06.Together Forever/Brian Wilson[1:17]
07.Cha Cha Cha/Key Largo[1:53]
08.Be My Lady/Vanessa[2:08]
09.I Should Be So Lucky/Jodi[2:04]
10.Heaven Is A Place On Earth/Paparazzi[2:35]
11.Hold Me/Samantha Gilles[2:11]
12.You Only You/San[2:03]
13.Music Is My Thing/Samantha Gilles[1:55]
14.Naughty Boy/Macho Gang[2:36]
15.Get Up!/Digital Emotion[2:11]★
16.Give Me One Day/Invisible[1:53]
17.Could This Be Love/Fun Fun[2:04]
18.Go Baby Go/Samantha Gilles[2:06]
19.Hie Hie Hie/Alan Barry[1:44]
20.Hot Desire/Rizzo[2:13]
21.Like Lovers Do/Dan Murphy[2:31]
22.Now Is The Time/Paparazzi[1:14]
23.Sweet Conversation/John Sauli[1:57]
24.One More Time/Bianca[2:44]
25.Tonight Is The Night/John Sauli[1:41]
26.She Freaks Out On The Floor/Tavares[2:28]
27.Midnight Lover/Bianca[1:41]
28.Miss Liverty/John Sauli[2:27]
29.I Saw Him Standing There/Special Touch[2:23]



Get Up, Action

Get Up, Action

  • Digital Emotion
  • エレクトロニック
  • ¥153
  • provided courtesy of iTunes