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Solar Box Set CD 2


Title:Solar Box Set CD 2

CD|Street Sounds|CDSLBX-2|1988|Import


01.Make That Move/Shalamar[3:49]
02.Groove Control/Dynasty[4:54]
03.The Second Time Around/Shalamar[7:04]
04.Imagination/The Whispers[6:14]
05.Dance With You/Carrie Lucas[6:32]
06.Take That To The Bank/Shalamar[6:54]
07.Do Me Right/Dynasty[6:05]
08.It's All The Way Live/Lakeside[7:04]★
09.I Can Make It Better/The Whispers[7:14]
10.Can't Do Without Love/The Whispers[5:13]
11.Take It To The Top/Sylvers[4:26]
12.I've Just Begun To Love You/Dynasty[3:36]



It's All the Way Live

It's All the Way Live

  • レイクサイド
  • R&B/ソウル
  • ¥255
  • provided courtesy of iTunes


It's All The Way Live/Lakeside収録!