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Touch Me



Don't You Love Me

Don't You Love Me

Girl To Girl / 49ers Megamix

Got To Be Free

The Message

Move Your Feet

Touch Me





Playing With My Heart

Playing With My Heart



Got To Be Free (After Hours)[4:07]>Avanti! II

Touch Me[3:38]>Club Fever

Don't You Love Me (Atomic Remix)[6:04]>Discodance

Hangin' On To Love (Mars Plastic Radio Mix)[3:53]>House Revolution Vol. 42

Loving You (Radio Edit)[4:00]>House Revolution Vol. 44

Touch Me (Extended Version)[5:56]>Max Mix 10

Touch Me (Sexual Version)[5:53]>Move Your Body 2

Touch Me[5:54]>Now Dance 901

Baby I'm Yours (Ex 'B' Edit)[3:57]>Super Dance Freak Vol. 50 Special Anniversary Party

Let The Sunshine In (Rado Extended)[4:17]>Super Dance Freak Vol. 72

I Need You (Extended Mix)[5:31]>That's Club Trax 1991

Got To Be Free (Mars Plastic Mix)[5:33]>That's Club Trax 1992

Everything (Jazz Voice Mix)[5:43]>That's Club Trax 1993

Got To Be Free (Mars PlasticMix)[5:34]>That's Club Trax Garage House Collection

Move Your Feet (Extended Techno Mix)[5:50]>That's Club Trax Media House Collection Vol. 2

Everything (D.J. Professor Club Cut)[5:21]>That's Club Trax Media House Collection Volume 3

I Need You (Street Mix)[5:09]>That's Club Trax Media House Collection「イタロ・ハウス・コレクション」

Shadows (Hot Night Mix)[7:08]>That's Club Trax Vol. 1

Touch Me (Sexual Version)[5:54]>That's Club Trax Vol. 2

Don't You Love Me (Atomic Remix)[6:13]>That's Club Trax Vol. 3

Girl To Girl (Soul Remix)[6:29]>That's Club Trax Vol. 4

I Need You (Extended Mix)[5:33]>That's Club Trax Vol. 5

Move Your Feet (Extended Techno Mix)[5:53]>That's Club Trax Vol. 9

Move Your Feet (Power Remix)[5:33]>That's Club Trax Volume 10

Got To Be Free (E-Smoove Groovy Mix)[6:28]>That's Club Trax Volume 12

The Message (Extended)[5:52]>That's Club Trax Volume 13


Non-Stop Mix

Touch Me[2:26]>Disco 90's

Rockin' My Body[3:45]>Exciting Hyper Night Vol. 9

Rockin' My Body[1:14]>House Revolution Vol. 40 Anniversary Non-Stop Mix

Rockin' My Body[3:42]>Maharaja Night Vol. 14

Loving You[3:53]>Maharaja Night Vol. 17

Touch Me[2:41]>Super Dance Freak Vol. 70 ~Anniversary~

Touch Me[2:52]>That's Club Trax Non-Stop Mix Vol. 1

I Need You[3:02]他>That's Club Trax Non-Stop Mix Vol. 2

Move Your Feet[4:59]>That's Club Trax Non-Stop Mix Vol. 4

Got Be Free[4:45]>That's Club Trax Non-Stop Mix Vol. 5

The Message[3:58]>That's Club Trax Non-Stop Mix Volume 6

Move Your Feet[4:26]>That's Club Trax Non-Stop Mix Volume 7

Hangin' On To Love[1:47]>Velfarre Vol. 5 - Dance To Infinity

Don't You Love Me[3:10]>恋のお立ち台 "Hyper Disco Mix"



Die WalkureMax Mix 6



Move Your Feet[3:08]>Juliana's Tokyo Legend