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That's Eurobeat Mega Nippon D.J. Mix


Title: That's Eurobeat Mega Nippon D.J. Mix
Artist: Various

CD | Alfa International | ALCB-52 | 1990.04.25


1. Program 1. [19:48]
-a. Bang Bang | Lilac
-b. Boom Boom Dollar | King Kong & D.Jungle Girls
-c. Upside Down | Coo Coo
-d. Leave Me Alone | Fred Ventura
-e. Come Back And Do It | Malcolm J. Hill
-f. Help Me | Mela
-g. Don't Make Me Cry | Malcolm J. Hill
-h. Let The Night Take The Blame | Lorraine McKane
-i. Walkie Talkie | King Kong & D.Jungle Girls
-j. Countdown | Kofi & The Love Tones
-k. Give Me Up | Michael Fortunati
-l. Into The Night | Michael Fortunati
-m. Love & Passion | Gipsy & Queen
-n. Pistol In My Pocket | Lana Pellay
-o. Come Come Come | Lilac
-p. Somebody's Loving | Jenny Kee
-q. Magic | Ricky Davies
-r. Love For Sale | Molto Carina
-s. It's So Funny | King Kong & D.Jungle Girls

2. Program 2. [19:09]
-a. Cha Cha Cha Cha | Mark Farina
-b. How Deep Is Your Love | Superlove
-c. Crank It Up | Thomas & Schubert
-d. Little Flowers | Thomas & Schubert
-e. Children Of The Sky | Giorgia Morandi
-f. Ever And Ever | Venice
-g. Take A Chance | Malcolm J. Hill
-h. Lies | King Kong & D.Jungle Girls
-i. My Turn | Tasha
-j. Laser Light | Latin Lover
-k. Bad Power | Aleph
-l. Fire On The Moon | Aleph
-m. Let Me Down | Michael Fortunati
-n. Alleluia | Michael Fortunati
-o. All You Need Is Love | Coo Coo
-p. Power Of Magic | Alphatown

3. Program Only For D.J. [0:47]



Leave Me Alone

Leave Me Alone

  • Fred Ventura
  • ダンス
  • ¥204
  • provided courtesy of iTunes