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Disco Discharge. European Connection


Title:Disco Discharge. European Connection



[CD 1]

01.Carry On, Turn Me On (Original 12" Mix Re-Masterd)/Space[7:14]
02.From East To West (Extended Akbum Version)/Voyage[7:04]
03.Love Spell (Original Album Version)/Caress[8:20]
04.Ooh! What A Life (Original 12" Mix)/The Gibson Brothers[5:39]
05.Midnight Madness (Original Album Version)/Don Ray[5:44]
06.If You Weren't Afraid (Original Album Version)/Giorgio Moroder[5:42]
07.Instant Dub (Original 12" B Side Dub Mix)/Sylvia Love[4:29]
08.Don't Ever (Original Album Version)/Les Models[6:17]
09.Sandstorm (Original Album Version)/La Bionda[10:17]
10.The Hills Of Katmandu (Original Album Version)/Tantra[16:22]


[CD 2]

01.Special Agent Man (12" Female Mix)/Gaz Nevada[7:19]
02.You And Me (Original 12" Vocal Version)/Funny Twins[5:45]
03.I Can Hear Your Voice (Original 12" Mix)/Hot Cold[5:33]
04.I Love My Radio (Midnight Radio) (US 12" Remix)/Taffy[7:07]★
05.Americano (Original 12" Vocal Mix)/Vivien Vee[5:42]
06.Droid (Original 12" Extended Mix)/Hypnosis[5:47]
07.Remember (Original 12" Mix)/Gino Soccio[6:33]
08.Walking In The Neon (Original 12" Club Mix)/Peter Richard[8:59]
09.In Spirit (12" Techno Mix)/Dilemma[6:19]
10.Only Music Survives (12" Mix 1)/Alba[7:28]
11.Amour Suave (Hardcore 12" Remix)/Isamar & Compania[5:45]



I Love My Radio

I Love My Radio

  • Taffy
  • ダンス
  • ¥204
  • provided courtesy of iTunes