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Juliana's Tokyo Legend Disc 4 (Juliana's Tokyo Vol. 10)


Title:Juliana's Tokyo Legend Disc 4 (Juliana's Tokyo Vol. 10)

CD|Avex Trax|AVCD-11275|1994.12.16


Juliana's Tokyo Vol. 10 - Cyber Sonic Synergy
01.I've Got You/Alex[5:02]
02.U & Me/Cappella[3:43]
03.I Like The Music/Zero PH[3:32]
04.Move Your Body Baby/Eurogroove Feat. Final Touch[3:54]
05.Dream On/Parametric[2:57]
06.Party All Night/Bass Expanders[2:27]
07.Turn Up The Power/N-Trance[2:47]
08.You Wanna Know/The Real McCoy[2:40]
09.Funky Gutsman! (2nd Funk-Tion Mix)/m.c.A・T[1:22]
10.High On A Happy Vibe/Urban Cookie Collective[2:14]
11.Sex Drive/Glam With Pete Burns[2:25]
12.Take Me Away/Twenty 4 Seven Feat. Stay-C & Nance[1:47]
13.All Board/Ava & Stone[2:55]
14.Baila Baila/DJ Zorro[2:45]
15.Don't Close Your Mind/Maximizor + John Robinson[3:23]
16.Won't You Come With Me/K.C. Element[2:33]
17.Light My Fire/Clubhouse Feat. Carl[2:30]
18.Are U Ready/94 Sale[2:33]
19.Do You Feel What I'm Feelin'/Emphasis[3:06]
20.No Good (Start The Dance)/The Prodigy[2:47]
21.Keep On/John Robinson[4:07]
22.Take It To The Top/Channel X[3:05]★
23.Batman/D.J. Cartoons[2:56]
24.Raveman's Theme/Raveman[4:09]



Take It to the Top (Energy Mix)

Take It to the Top (Energy Mix)

  • Channel X
  • ダンス
  • ¥204
  • provided courtesy of iTunes