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I Love ZYX Italo Disco Collection 22

Title:I Love ZYX Italo Disco Collection 22

CD×3|ZYX Music|ZYX 82886-2|2016|Import


[CD 1]

01.Central Park (Maxi Version)/Jonathan Gable[5:36]
02.Secrets (Extended Version)/Albert One[5:18]
03.The Heart Of The City (Vocal)/Chris Luis[7:05]
04.Keep On Music (Vocal Version)/Danny Keith[6:45]
05.Eye To Eye (Remix Version)/Ben Bruce[6:03]
06.Italian Boy (Extended Version)/De Niro[7:43]
07.Living In A Rom (Vocal Version)/G.G. Near[6:12]
08.Bye Bye Mi Amor (Extended Version)/David Lyme[6:14]
09.Companero (Vocal)/Camaro's[7:02]
10.Susy Oh! (Dance Version)/Fabrizio Simoncioni[6:52]
11.Dancing In The Tears (Vocal Version)/Body Power[5:21]


[CD 2]

01.Happy Station (Club Mix)/Fun Fun[7:16]
02.Living In The Shuttle (Extended Version)/Torrevado[5:10]
03.Fly To Me (D.J. Version)/Aleph[7:08]
04.I Wanna Give You My Heart (Mix Version)/Primadonna[5:52]
05.Africa (Vocal Version)/Anthony[7:56]
06.Gringo (Extended Version)/Roby Benvenuto[6:35]
07.Call Me Up (Special DJ Mix)/New Baccara[5:03]
08.Bye Bye Baby (Extended Version)/Max Coveri[5:51]★
09.Life In Tokyo (Maxi Version)/Pierre & Franz[5:21]
10.War In Love (Vocal Version)/Panorama[5:54]
11.Light My Light (Extended Version)/Spooky Voice[7:23]


[CD 3]

01.Love Spy (Night Mix)/Mike Mareen[8:43]
02.Acapulco Nights (Maxi Version)/G.J. Lunghi[6:28]
03.Cha Cha Cha (Maxi Version)/Finzy Kontini[5:06]
04.Voices In The Dark (Maxi Version)/Mike Cannon[6:08]
05.It Isn't Changed (12" Version)/Michael Maltese[5:45]
06.Plastic Doll (Vocal Version)/Dharma[6:28]
07.Up & Down (Maxi Version)/Eddy Huntington[6:37]
08.All My Love (Vocal Version)/Portfino[4:44]
09.Moving Your Hips (Vocal Version)/Squash Gang[5:46]
10.Get Closer (Vocal Version)/Valerie Dore[6:03]
11.Around My Dream (Extended Version)/Silver Pozzoli[5:34]



Bye Bye Baby

Bye Bye Baby

  • Max Coveri
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  • ¥153
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