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Hyper Techno [Best Mission]

Title:Hyper Techno [Best Mission]

CD×2|Avex Trax|AVCD-17114/5|2002.06.05


[CD 1]

01.XXX Is Dead/L.A. Style[4:14]
02.Crazy Train/The Prophet[2:57]
03.Never Never Know/Techno Mob[2:54]
04.Sweet Sweet Baby/Ileus[2:53]
05.Well, All Joking Aside (Rap Version)/2nd Fink-Tion Feat. Marcy Edwards & Raadee[3:39]
06.Just Do It/Niki[3:21]
07.6000 Miles (Ventura Mix)/John Taylor[2:53]
08.Beta Blaster/KRG[3:43]
09.Groove To Move (JT21 Remix)/Channel X[3:38]
10.Dist It/Techno City[3:27]
12.Never Like This/KRG[3:36]
13.Go Back/Bazooka Boyz[3:25]
14.Billy Jive (With Willy's Wife) (Y&Co. Remix)/E-Rotic[3:50]
15.Be Cool (Y&Co. Mix)/Paffendorf[3:16]
16.Be-Noid/DJ Spark[3:28]
17.Bionic Sword/Dela One[2:59]
18.Hyper Techno Mission (Mission"B" Remix)/Mission One[4:29]
19.Destino (Mission "B" Remix)/DJ Zorro[3:52]
20.Utter/King Dale[3:36]★


[CD 2]

01.Hyper Techno Mega-Mix Stage-1[19:40]
-All Systems (Are Go)/The Curse
-Balloony/L.A. Style
-Contact/Nuvo Riche
-Dance Your Ass Off/R.T.Z. (Return To Zero)
-Goodbye Baby Say Goodbye/Emphasis
-Got To Move/L.A. Style
-Injected With A Poison/Praga Khan Feat. Jade 4 U
James Brown Is Dead/L.A. Style
-Touch The Energy/Energizer

02.Hyper Techno Mega-Mix Stage-2[21:33]
-Are U Ready/94 Sale
-Bandido/DJ Zorro
-Can't Resist/Mig 29
-Fuego/DJ Zorro
-Hi-Voltage/Metal Minded Maniacs Feat. Lady Lust
-I Need Your Love/Cappella
-Made In New York/Techno Mob
-Paint It Blue/DJ Sick Feat. Dr. Dope & Bulldozer
-The Misic Is Movin'/Fargetta

Bonus Trax
03.Esto Es La Vida/DJ Zorro[3:59]
04.Airheads/Vivid RK Feat. XLR[5:04]