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Dance Panic! ~Special~

Title:Dance Panic! ~Special~



01.Fire (P.K.G. Mix)/Sctooter[3:45]
02.Fight For Your Right/N.Y.C.C.[2:07]
03.Come'n Get Me/Solid Base[2:28]
04.Tarzan & Jane/Toy-Box[2:57]
05.I Don't Want To Miss A Thing/Axel Force[3:11]
06.Mysterious Time/Sash![3:11]
07.Here We Go Again/Laila[2:23]
08.I Wanna B With U/Fun Factory[3:01]
09.We Are Only Human/Sunland[3:13]
10.Sunny Holiday/Solid Base[1:57]
11.Once You Pop (You Can't Stop)/Solid Base[2:24]
12.Start Over/Fierce[2:31]
13.Don't You Wanna Party? (Yutenji Mix)/Valerie B.[2:42]
14.Always There (Grow Sound Remix)/Side Effect With DJ Soma[1:56]
15.Party Over Here/Freak House[1:58]
16.Funk You Up/Look Twice[1:45]
17.Sunshine Day/Matt Bianco[2:22]
18.Plat That Funky Music/Thunder[1:37]
19.Smoke On The Water/Rock 'N' Rap Extravaganza Featuring Ian Gillan & Ray Slijingaard[1:40]
20.Party With Fun Factory/Fun Factory[2:04]
21.Let's Hold On (To Love)/Alison Limerick[2:03]
22.Boogie Woogie Love Train/Leila White[2:40]
23.Boogie Mi VistaMatt Bianco[2:05]
24.Joy Love Happiness (Groove That Soul Mix)/Mimi[2:09]
25.Hello Mr. Monky (P.K.G. Mix)/Arabesque[2:29]
26.Venus (KH-R Remix)/Shocking Blue[2:04]
27.You Should Be.../Blockster[2:50]
28.The Beach (P.K.G. Mix)/Afrika & The Zulu Kings[3:44]★
29.Call Me Manana (P.K.G. Mix)/Scooter[3:08]
30.Sha-La-La-La-La/Fun Factory[3:08]



Fight for Your Right (Maxi Version)

Fight for Your Right (Maxi Version)

  • N.Y.C.C.
  • ダンス
  • provided courtesy of iTunes