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アーティスト:The Bar-Kays

アーティスト:The Bar-Kays


Freakshow On The Dance Floor[4:46]>Breakin'「ブレイクダンス」

Freakshow On The Dance Floor[4:43]>Celebration - Super Disco Hits

Sexomatic[6:26]>Dance Classics Best Of Vol. 3

Freakshow On The Dance Floor[6:35]>Disco Around 50 - Let's Groove~Surfer「ディスコアラフィフ」

Sexomatic[6:25]>Disco Giants 4

Freakshow On The Dance Floor[4:43]>The Disco - The Best Of Dance Classics

Holy Ghost[3:56]>Disco - The Climax

Let's Have Some Fun[6:06]>Funk Funk - The Best Of Funk Essential 2

Too Hot To Stop[6:27]>Funky Stuff: The Best Of Funk Essentials

Move Your Boogie Body[3:46]>Groove Street - Steppin' Enough

Let's Have Some Fun (12" Version)[6:03]>Magnum Opus 2

Shake Your Rump To The Funk[3:40]>No. 1 Funk Hits

Shake Your Rump To The Funk[3:52]>Shake Your Pants - Back In The Day Vol. 1

Freakshow On The Dance Floor[6:39]>Shake Your Pants - Back In The Day Vol. 2


Non-Stop Mix

Freakshow On The Dance Floor[3:25]>Disco Fever Super Non-Stop



Freakshow On The Dance Floor[6:35]>Dance Trax 80's-90's

Freakshow On The Dance Floor[4:47]>小林克也のSuper Dance Beats