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アーティスト:Jocelyn Brown

アーティスト:Jocelyn Brown


Ain't No Mountain High Enough

Ain't No Mountain High Enough

Somebody Else's Guy

Somebody Else's Guy


Always ThereIncognito Featuring Jocelyn Brown

She Got Soul/Jamestown Featuring Jocelyn Brown



The Hits

Somebody Else's Guy

Somebody Else's Guy


A Better World (Dave Darlington Edit)/Ageha Feat. Jocelyn Brown & Loleatta Holloway[4:14]>The Greatest Performance Of My Life - The Best Of Loleatta Holloway/Loleatta Holloway



Somebody Else's Guy[3:46]>70's & 80's Dance <Yellow>

I'm Soemebody Else's Guy[3:47]>80's Disco Super Hit Vo. 1 ~Rap/Funky~

Somebody Else's Guy[3:49]>80's Groove Anthems

Day Dreaming (Hey Baby)/Jocelyn Brown & The Robotics[7:24]>Be Sweet ~ Fresh Cover Of Ariwa

Always There/Incognito Featuring Jocelyn Brown[3:30]>The Best Dance Album In The World...Ever!

Ain't No Mountain High Enough/Inner Life Feat. Jocelyn Brown[3:46]>Disco Party! Presents Disco Summer!

If You Gonna Love Me/Inner Life Feat. Jocelyn Brown[7:03]>John Morales - The M+M Mixes Volume 2

Ain't No Mountain High Enough/Inner Life Feat. Jocelyn Brown[10:29]>Magnum Opus 3

Somebody Else's Guy (Remix 1991)[5:38]>On The Beat - The Golden Remixes Vol. 1

Magic Man (Abracadabra) (Club Swemix)/KC Flightt Feat. Jocelyn Brown[4:41]>Radikal Deep

Some Body Else's Guy[4:15]>Rhythm Divine 2

Somebody Else's Guy[3:47]>Surfer Disco '80s Revival


Non-Stop Mix

Somebody Else's Guy[3:21]>Dance Panic! ~Hits Of The 20th Century~

Somebody Else's Guy[4:18]>Dancemania Club Classics

I'm Somebody Else's Guy (Special Rap Version)/Jocelyn Brown Feat. Frederick "M.C. Count" Linton[3:28]>Dancemania Club Classics II

Somebody Else's Guy [5:44]>Hi-NRG '80s Vol. 5



Somebody's Else's Guy (Remix)[6:19]>Maxi Singles 80 Volume 2

Somebody Else's Guy[3:48]>小林克也のSuper Dance Beats