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More Greatest Hits Of The 80's CD 8

Title:More Greatest Hits Of The 80's CD 8

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01.More Than This/Roxy Music[4:06]
02.Moonlight Shadow/Mike Oldfield[3:40]
03.Rooms On Fire/Stevie Nicks[4:33]
04.And She Was/Talking Heads[3:39]
05.Scatterlings Of Africa/Johnny Clegg & Svuka[4:04]
06.Island Of Lost Souls/Blondie[3:49]
07.Christian/China Crisis[5:42]
08.Wild World/Maxi Priest[3:36]
09.Look Who's Dancing/Ziggy Marley And The Melody Makers[5:00]
10.Amigo/Black Slate[4:51]
11.To Be Reborn/Boy George[4:24]
12.Get A Life/Soul II Soul[3:43]★
13.Life's What You Make It/Talk Talk[4:28]
14.It's All Coming Back To me Now/Pandra's Box[6:34]
16.Let's Do The Rock Steady/Bodysnatchers[2:57]
17.Your Mama Don't Dance/Poison[3:02]
18.All Fired Up/Pat Benatar[4:30]



Get a Life

Get a Life

  • ソウル・トゥー・ソウル
  • R&B/ソウル
  • ¥255
  • provided courtesy of iTunes


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