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Dance Classics Volume 29 & 30

Title:Dance Classics Volume 29 & 30

CD×3|Rodeo Media|RDM090|2010|Import


[CD 1]

Volume 29
01.Real Love (Extended Version)/Jody Watley[7:03]
02.My Prerogative (12" Extended)/Bobby Brown[8:03]
03.The Right Stuff (Extended Mix)/Vanessa Williams[5:40]
04.Sleep Talk (Extended Version)/Alyson Williams[7:57]
05.The Lover In Me (Extended Version)/Sheena Easton[6:57]
06.Got To Have Your Love (Extended)/Mantronix[6:19]
07.Cold Hearted (12" Version)/Paula Abdul[6:52]
08.Roses Are Red/Mac Band[5:49]
09.Can We Talk (Club Mix)/Donna Allen[6:07]
10.Sneak Preview/Eleanor Goodmen[7:25]


[CD 2]

Volume 30
01.Baby Don't Forget My Number (Pennsylvania-Six-Five-Thousend-Heartline-Mix)/Milli Vanilli[8:56]
02.Do The Right Thang (Extended)/Redhead Kingpin & The FBI[6:22]
03.Oops Upside Your Head/Snap![6:43]
04.I Need You (Extended Version)/B.V.S.M.P.[5:06]
05.Never Be The Same/Breakfast Club[6:50]★
06.Spy In The House Of Love/Was (Not Was)[6:35]
07.Thinking Of You (12inch Version)/Earth Wind & Fire[7:59]
08.Live And Learn (12" Remix)/Joe Public[6:47]
09.Im Nin Alu/Ofra Haza[4:03]
10.How To Dance/Bingo Boys[5:55]


[CD 3]

Bonus CD
01.Big Fun (Magic Juan Mix)/Innercity[5:05]
02.Mary Had A Little Boy (Club Edit)/Snap![6:05]
03.Pump Up The Jam (Original Mix)/Technotronic[5:05]
04.The Real Thing (West 26th Street Mix)/Jellybean[7:43]
05.S-Express (12" USA Mix)/S-Express[6:00]
06.Sit And Wait (Stationary To Stationary Mix)/Sidney Youngblood[7:07]
07.Promised Land/Joe Smooth[5:30]
08.Fading Away (Power House Mix)/Will To Power[8:43]
09.Shadows Of Your Love/JM Silk[6:18]
10.Dance Around The World (Power House Mix)/Richenel[7:57]



Never Be the Same

Never Be the Same

  • Breakfast Club
  • ポップ
  • ¥255
  • provided courtesy of iTunes