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Now Dance 91

Title:Now Dance 91

CD|Virgin EMI|CD NOD 7|1991|Import


01.Set Adrift On Memory Bliss/PM Dawn[3:55]
02.Sunshine On A Rainy Day/Zoe[3:58]
03.Always There/Incognito Featuring Jocelyn Brown[3:30]
04.Touch Me (All Night Long)/Cathy Dennis[3:27]
05.Now That We Found Love/Heavy D & The Boyz[4:16]★
06.I'm Too Sexy/Right Said Fred[2:50]
07.Do You want Me/Salt 'N' Pepa[3:16]
08.A Roller Skating Jam Nemed 'Saturdays'/De La Soul[4:00]
09.People Are Still Having Sex/LaTour[4:06]
10.Dream About You/D'Bora[4:20]
11.Charly/The Prodigy[5:05]
12.What Can You Do For Me/Utah Saints[3:39]
13.Last Train To Transcentral (Live From The Lost Continent)/The KLF[3:37]
14.Everybody's Free (To Feel Good)/Rozalla[3:35]
15.The Whistle Song/Frankie Knuckles[4:11]
16.Breathing Is E-Zee/E-Zee Possee Featuring Tara Newley[3:44]
17.Apparently Nothin'/Young Disciples[3:59]
18.Summertime/DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince[3:57]
19.It's Too Late/Quantz Introducing Dina Carroll[3:59]
20.There's Nothing Like This/Omar[3:58]



Now That We Found Love (feat. Aaron Hall)

Now That We Found Love (feat. Aaron Hall)

  • ヘヴィ・D&ザ・ボーイズ
  • ヒップホップ/ラップ
  • ¥255
  • provided courtesy of iTunes




Now That We Found Love/Heavy D & The Boyz収録!