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Everytime We Touch

Title:Everytime We Touch

CD|EQ Music|EA 71083|2006|Import


[CD 1]

Main Disc
01.Everytime We Touch[3:19]
02.A Neverending Dream[3:24]
03.Bad Boy[3:14]
04.How Do You Do[2:53]
05.Another You[3:39]
07.Can't Stop The Rain[3:30]
08.Kids In America[3:02]
09.Love Again[3:29]
10.One More Night[3:45]
11.Truly Madly Deeply[4:14]
12.Ready For Love[3:25]
13.Wouldn't It Be Good[3:29]
14.Everytime We Touch (Ballad Version)[3:18]


[CD 2]

Bonus CD (Exclusive DJ Extendeds)
01.A Neverending Dream (Original Club Mix)[4:58]
02.A Neverending Dream (The Real Booty Babes Remix)[6:00]
03.Everytime We Touch (Original Club Mix)[5:33]★
04.Everytime We Touch (Rocco Vs. Bass-T Remix)[5:43]
05.How Do You Do (Rob Mayth Remix)[5:33]
06.How Do You Do (Tune Up! Remix)[5:30]
07.Bad Boy (Original Club Mix)[6:17]
08.Bad Boy (Central Seven Remix)[5:58]
09.Miracle (Original Club Mix)[6:10]
10.Miracle (The Usual Suspects Presents EXR Remix)[6:22]





Everytime We Touch (2cd)

Everytime We Touch (2cd)

  • アーティスト:Cascada
  • Eq Music


Everytime We Touch収録!

Maggie Reillyの同じタイトル曲のサビの部分を引用した曲(カバー?)

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