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Singles... Driven By The Music

Title:Singles... Driven By The Music
Artist:Donna Summer

5"×24|Driven By The Music|DBTMSNGBOX01|2015|Import


[5" 01]The Wanderer

[5" 02]Cold Love

[5" 03]Who Do You Think You're Foolin'

[5" 04]Looking Up

[5" 05]Love is Control (Finger On The Trigger)

[5" 06]State Of Independence

[5" 07]The Woman In Me

[5" 08]Protection

[5" 09]There Goes My Baby

[5" 10]Supernatural Love

[5" 11]Eyes

[5" 12]Dinner With Gershwin

[5" 13]All Systems Go

[5" 14]Only The Fool Survives

[5" 15]This Time I Know It's For Real

[5" 16]I Don't Wanna Get Hurt

[5" 17]Love's About To Change My Heart

[5" 18]When Love Takes Over You

[5" 19]Breakaway

[5" 20]State Of Independence (1990 Remixes)

[5" 21]When Love Cries

[5" 22]Work That Magic

[5" 23]State Of Independence (1996 Remixes)

[5" 24]Bonus Unreleased Mixes





Singles... Driven By the Music

Singles... Driven By the Music