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Shine! The Best Of Disco & Soul Vol. 10<Honey Yellow>

Title:Shine! The Best Of Disco & Soul Vol. 10<Honey Yellow>

CD|Universal Music|OCD-9110|2016


01.Celebration/Kool & The Gang[3:42]
02.Ai No Corrida 「愛のコリーダ」/Quincy Jones[4:14]
03.Super Freak/Rick James[3:24]
04.Upside Down/Diana Ross[4:05]
05.She Works Hard For The Money 「情熱物語」/Donna Summer[5:20]
06.All Night Long (All Night)/Lionel Richie[4:21]
07.Maniac/Michael Sembello[4:06]
08.Can't Take My Eyes Off You 「君の瞳に恋してる」/Boys Town Gang[3:46]
09.Burn Rubber On Me (Why You Wanna Hurt Me)/The Gap Band[3:51]
10.Show Me/The Cover Girls[3:49]
11.Cha Cha Cha/Finzy Kontini[4:46]
12.Sukiyaki 「スキヤキ(上を向いて歩こう)」/A Taste Of Honey[3:42]
13.Somebody's Watching Me/Rockwell[3:50]
14.Axel F/Harold Faltermeyer[3:03]★
15.Say You, Say Me/Lionel Richie[4:03]
16.Funtime/Peaches & Herb[4:41]
17.Being With You/Smokey Robinson[4:02]
18.Endless Love/Diana Ross & Lionel Richie[4:27]





  • ハロルド・ファルターメイヤー
  • サウンドトラック
  • ¥255
  • provided courtesy of iTunes


Axel F/Harold Faltermeyer収録!