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House Revolution Vol. 32

Title:House Revolution Vol. 32

CD|Avex Trax|AVCD-40032|1995.02.22


01.Move It To The Rhythm (Radio Edit)/Technotronic Featuring Ya Kid K[3:29]★
02.Rich In Paradise '94 (Radio Mix)/FPI Project[4:04]
03.ABC & D (Rampent Weed Radio Edit)/Blue Bamboo[3:09]
04.I'll Never Understand It (Power Edit Mix)/Atom[3:35]
05.Who Can Make Me Feel (Crazy Edit Mix)/Energizer[3:49]
06.Let Me See (Edit Mix)/Nahima[3:54]
07.Not Anyone (Radio Freak Mix)/Black Box[4:27]
08.Bring It On Home (7" Edit)/Urban Cookie Collective[3:46]
09.Gimme Love (Radio Mix)/Lance Ellington[3:59]
10.Gotta Be Eazy (Edit Mix)/Eazy Bee[3:29]
11.All The Time (Radio Mix)/Zowie[3:26]
12.Just High (You Make Me Feel) (Discodrome Mad Edit Mix)/One Nation[4:17]
13.All I Want Is You (Main Room Edit Mix)/Quasimodo[3:19]
14.Master Of Love (Radio Version)/7 Meters[4:09]
15.Open Up Your Mind (FM Version)/Karen[3:55]
16.I Want Your Love (Radio)/Sphigata[3:46]
17.Your Body (Radio Mix)/MC Red[4:11]
18.Die Hard (FM Version)/DJ Sick & Dr. D.O.P.E.[4:25]



Move It to the Rhythm

Move It to the Rhythm

  • テクノトロニック & ヤ・キッド・K
  • ダンス
  • ¥255
  • provided courtesy of iTunes




Move It To The Rhythm/Technotronic Featuring Ya Kid K収録!