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House Revolution Vol. 31

Title:House Revolution Vol. 31

CD|Avex Trax|AVCD-40031|1995.01.21


01.Come On Move It (Radio)/DJ Pen Feat. Marlene[2:57]
02.You And Me (All Night Long) (Techno Club Edit Mix)/Electricity[2:56]
03.I Never Love You (Power Edit Mix)/United Powers[3:50]
04.I Found Luv (Energy Mix)/Taleesa[3:58]
05.Missing You (European Edit Mix)/United Colors[3:50]
06.Dreamer (Radio Mix)/Nikita[4:18]
07.People (Everybody Needs Love) (Pop Mix)/Jamie Dee[3:38]
08.I Believe (Original Edit Mix)/Base Of Dreams[4:00]
09.This Guy (Hard Piano Edit Mix)/Viva[4:08]
10.Spirit Free (FM Version)/Cave Gang Feat. Zowie[3:44]
11.Keep The Fires Burning (CET Edit Mix)/Clock[3:37]
12.I Waana Feel You Baby (Club Edit Mix)/Transit[4:38]
13.Move On (FM Version)/94 Sale[3:23]
14.Good Fun (7" Radio Mix)/Bass Bumpers[3:35]
15.Take Me To Your Heart (Radio Edit)/Humanize[3:53]
16.Alarma (Radio)/Zagor[3:25]
17.Voodoo People (Edit)/The Prodigy[4:06]
18.Saturday Night (Be My Baby) (Nite Edit Mix)/Whigfield[4:08]★



Saturday Night (Radio Mix)

Saturday Night (Radio Mix)

  • Whigfield
  • ダンス
  • ¥153
  • provided courtesy of iTunes




Saturday Night (Be My Baby)/Whigfield収録!