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Juliana's Tokyo Vol. 2 - Balearic Beats Party


Title:Juliana's Tokyo Vol. 2 - Balearic Beats Party

CD|Avex Trax|AVCD-11045|1992.06.22


01.Never Give Up/Jinny[4:18]
02.Memories Memories/Jamie Dee[3:00]★
03.So Real/Love Decade[3:06]
04.Touch Me/S. Moor Feat. M.C. Rokk[3:06]
05.Like Like This/K.C. Element[4:16]
06.Take Me Away/Olimpia[2:54]
07.Take Me Higher/Band Of Gypsies[3:27]
08.Dreamin' In Buristead Road/X Sample[3:26]★
09.Damnation/John Robinson[3:49]

10."James Brown Is Dead" Juliana's Megamix/Various[3:00]
James Brown Is Dead
James Brown Is Still Alive!!
-Who The Fuck Is James Brown?
-Who The Hell Is James Brown?!

11.James Brown Is Dead Or Alive/J.Y. Factory[3:08]
12.All Systems (Are Go)/The Curse[2:50]
13.Stand Up/Rave Nation Feat. Juliette[2:38]
14.Explosion/Digital Volcano[3:49]
15.Running Out Of Time/Digital Orgasm[3:48]
16.A New Style Baby/Pink Stanly Ford[3:09]
17.Everybody's Free (To Feel Good)/Rozalla[3:46]
18.Magick/Groove Reactor[2:46]
19.Everybody In The Place/The Prodigy[1:59]
20.Injected With A Poison/Praga Khan Feat. Jade 4 U[3:45]



Memories Memories (Saxomatic Mix)

Memories Memories (Saxomatic Mix)

  • Jamie Dee
  • ダンス
  • ¥204
  • provided courtesy of iTunes